Go Green!

Here at Lamb Tree Service we recycle everything and don’t let anything go to waste.

Our company standards define eco-friendly management of all the debris and other job site materials.

1.Stump grinding turns tree stumps into mulch, that with time rots and composts into top soil

2. Tree logs and scrap wood is used for lumber and firewood

3.Woodchips are recycled for verity of purposes. Main one is mulch, used by all landscaping companies and many playgrounds.

Another way to recycle woodchips is as a fuel source


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How to recognize dangerous trees ?

.Trees are very¬† beneficial¬† to the environment, however sometimes they may be dangerous. Trees or parts of trees may fall and cause injury to people or damage to property. It is important to assess trees for risk. While every tree has the potential to fall, only a small number actually hit something or someone.There is…

Tree spraying VS injections

Many people ask us if we spray trees. We answer, we don’t. We inject them. And here is why: Tree spraying is so harmful for the environment! Any time you spray tree with a pesticide all the chemicals¬† can make their way into a water source, such as a river, ocean, or pond. Another way…

Hurricane Season in Florida!

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Ball Moss and Spanish Moss

So what is ball moss? what is the difference between ball moss and Spanish moss? Is it good for tree or harmful? Correct name for ball moss is Tillandsia recurvata, and what is the most surprising: it’s actually not moss! It is a plant, member of the bromeliad family. It is a gray clump and…

Why Trim Trees?

Trimming or pruning trees is removing some branches or limbs. But not just any! Correct trim is necessary for the trees health. Incorrect trim on the other hand can cause the tree to die. There are few reasons to trim trees. First of all, the trees health. Dead and damaged branches need to be cut…