Tree Services in Sarasota FL

For over 25 years, Lamb Tree Care Service has provided tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, tree injections, land clearing and tree planting services to clients in Sarasota, FL  Bradenton, FL  Venice, FL and the surrounding areas.

Removing or trimming a tree takes a certain level of experience, skills and expertise to perform the job the right way , and most importantly safe. We use all the high quality equipment like bucket trucks, cranes, dump trucks, bobcats, etc. In situation that we can’t use equipment on your property, we have professional climbers on stuff ready to either trim or remove your tree safely.

In Florida, we understand that a storm can do some serious damage to your house, office building, fence etc. We offer an emergency services if a tree felt on your roof or building. We will remove the tree safely without doing any further damage.

We also provide yearly landscape management service. That means we can come to your property and do all the necessary trimming on regular basis to keep your trees and shrubs nice and healthy,

Another service that is in high demand is land clearing. With all the proper equipment we clear the area of unwanted trees and shrubs to enable building on the property or simply to give you more space around the yard.

Last but not least, strategically placed trees help your yard to look organize. We can properly plant your trees in the right place to ensure that in the event of a storm it will not cause harm to your home.

For more information about our company or services, or for a free estimate please contact us today.